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Planning a vacation with family, friends, or loved ones, a visit to the diverse and exciting city of London has it all for you. With all the majestic features and auras of fashion, theater, museums, cuisines, and some fascinating landmarks to enjoy, London will truly turn your vacation mode on. The capital city of the U.K. has plenty to offer for everyone regardless of your age. Known for its historic landmarks like Westminster Abbey and Big Ben, stunning beauty of the city from the London Eye, soothing greenery at the Hyde Park, and a lot of different interesting neighborhoods, there is a lot to see and explore for tourists in London. Whether you wish to twirl around the city landmarks or wish to spend your time here shopping around the famous Oxford Street, you will not be disappointed. This one of the most visited cities in the world has an endless variety of international cuisines to offer. Along with that, it features some of the world’s best art galleries, museums, and happening clubs. Traveling through the London tube that connects many popular sights of the city will be an experience in itself.

While you are in London, make sure to pay a visit to the most iconic building; Buckingham Palace. The historic Tower of London and the adjacent Tower Bridge over the River Thames are a must-see. Displaying one of the finest collections of antiques and artifacts in the British Museum. London’s National Gallery is one of the top-ranked art museums in the world. If you are traveling with kids, get personal with underwater creatures at the SEALIFE London Aquarium or enjoy exploring the interactive hub of science and technology at the Science Museum. With all these attractions around to explore, having perfect accommodation would make your trip a perfect one and this is the point where makes the decision a lot easier for visitors.

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Best Time to Visit London

  • Winter, from December to February, is quite cold, with quite frequent rains, but it's not freezing, and it's much milder than the latitude suggests: the average temperature in January is about 5 °C (41 °F).
  • Summer, from June to August, is not very warm, but in this season, the area of London is the warmest of the entire UK.
  • In spring, from March to May, weather disturbances still frequently pass, the average temperature slowly rises, and the first warm days alternate with the return of cold weather.
  • In autumn, from September to November, the temperature gradually decreases. The weather is still often pleasant in September.

Finding the Perfect Neighborhoods and London Hotels!

Accommodation would be no problem as we offer a variety of hand-picked luxury London hotels, apartments, and budget hostels located all around here, so just plan around top London Places to Stay depending on what you want to see and how much you are planning to spend. For first-time travelers, we recommend you to stick to the center of the city for accommodation as it will be easier to get to know the transportation links and will be quick and painless to move around. Whether you are looking to stay close to popular areas, places of interest, or need accommodation close to the airport, has categorized top hotels making it easier for you to find and book. Covent Garden is a good neighborhood with it being central, having great transportation options, and near many amazing attractions of London. South Bank is another good neighborhood if you would like to have accommodation close to the London Eye, the Tate Museum, Big Ben and other attractions. Also, Kensington and South Kensington are calm and peaceful neighborhoods recommended for families. The popular Hyde Park is located nearby. For those who love shopping, Chelsea is the place to stay with all the high-end stores and boutiques situated here.


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