Bah Humbug Fest: A Unique Seasonal Experience That's Skipping Peterborough This Year
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Bah Humbug Fest: A Unique Seasonal Experience That's Skipping Peterborough This Year

Announcement: Bah Humbug Fest Will NOT Return to Peterborough This Year

Before diving into the details of what Bah Humbug Fest has offered in the past, we must share some important news. According to a recent Facebook announcement, Bah Humbug Fest will not be returning to Peterborough this year. The venue has made it impossible for the event to take place. While this news may disappoint fans of the festival, it's crucial to keep everyone informed.

What Is Bah Humbug Fest?

Bah Humbug Fest stands as a unique seasonal festival that once graced the East of England Arena in Peterborough. Unlike traditional holiday events that immerse you in tinsel, mistletoe, and sleigh bells, Bah Humbug Fest takes a different approach. It strips away the conventional trappings of the holiday season, offering a refreshing break from the usual Christmas overload.

A Festival with a Difference

Spanning a massive 100,000 square feet both inside and outside the East of England Arena, Bah Humbug Fest has been a haven for those seeking an alternative to the holiday hustle and bustle. With more than 40 rides and inflatables, the festival has something for everyone. John Lowery, a representative from Bah Humbug Fest, once said, "Bah Humbug! Fest grew out of our need to keep the family entertained in December and give people a break from the usual barrage of Christmas music, lights, and decorations."

One Ticket, Unlimited Fun

A single ticket to Bah Humbug Fest has historically granted guests unlimited access to a plethora of attractions. From family fairground favorites like waltzers and bumper cars to towering 65-foot thrill rides, the festival has catered to a wide range of tastes. Children have reveled in roller coasters, inflatable slides, and bouncy castles, while a giant 200-foot inflatable obstacle course has challenged the more adventurous.

Entertainment for All Ages

Younger attendees have had the opportunity to meet their favorite TV characters from shows like PAW Patrol, PJ Masks, and Peppa Pig. Live music performances, including those by the Little Mix Experience, have added an extra layer of excitement. A roller rink and one of the UK's largest traveling funhouses have also been part of the package.

Food and Drink

No festival is complete without a range of culinary options. Bah Humbug Fest has featured various food vendors and a bar serving both alcohol and soft drinks. Once you're through the doors, all rides are free, leaving you to spend only on food, drink, and optional prize games.

Ticket Information

In the past, Bah Humbug Fest has run from December 20-30, with two sessions per day: one from 12 pm – 4 pm and another from 5 pm – 9 pm. Tickets have been priced at £20 per session, with a family ticket for two adults and two children available for £70. Children under the age of 3 have been admitted for free.

While it's unfortunate that Bah Humbug Fest won't be returning to Peterborough this year, the festival's unique approach to holiday celebrations will surely be missed. For those who have enjoyed its offerings in the past, the absence of Bah Humbug Fest this year will leave a void in the alternative holiday event scene. Keep an eye on their social media channels for future updates, and here's hoping that Bah Humbug Fest finds a new venue to continue its unique tradition. 

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